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Qatar Travel Advice

Qatar’s transformation into a modernized business hub, along with the hospitality of the locals, makes the country an attractive destination. Qatar is a mix of the modern and the traditional, a maze that visitors must navigate.

The official language of Qatar is Arabic, however, most Qataris speak at least basic English. There is also a huge population of foreign workers in Qatar, meaning that a large variety of languages are heard. English is the best language for communication in this diverse, international population.

Qatar has a hot climate, with temperatures exceeding 40ºC during the summer months. Travelers are advised to use sunscreen and be sure to stay hydrated. Tap water is generally safe to drink, and bottled water is widely available. Dust and sand storms are a common occurrence.

Transportation is a simple affair in this tiny country. Cheap, comfortable bus services connect much of the country. Taxis are also easily found and a convenient means of transportation.

The national currency is the Qatari riyal (QAR). ATMs are widely available and all major credit cards are widely accepted.

Hotel prices in Qatar are increasingly expensive and cheap accommodation is virtually non-existent.

Travelers should be aware that during the month of Ramadan, which varies based on the Islamic calendar, the daily routine of the country changes drastically. Because this is a month of fasting, many businesses, especially restaurants, are closed during the day.

It is important that visitors respect local traditions. Visitors should dress modestly, and it is best to avoid criticism of religion and politics in conversations.