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Our Corporate Services
Due to our success in providing quality medical, technical, and repatriation services in Egypt and throughout the Middle East and North Africa, CONNEX Assistance has expanded its service portfolio to include a corporate division catering to local and multinational Egypt-based companies looking for hassle free, cost effective medical solutions that meet the highest international standards. CONNEX Corporate Healthcare provides high quality group medical coverage and healthcare solutions designed to specifically meet the requirements of your company.
Our Three Main Products

Our Portfolio
  1. Full corporate medical coverage with dedicated account manager.
  2. Medical network setup and audit.
  3. Medical consultations.
  4. Visiting and in-house doctors.
  5. Cost Plus services.
  6. Medical clinic and mobile unit setup.
  7. Air, sea, and road ambulance repatriation.
  8. Travel insurance.

CONNEX Corporate Healthcare closed its first deal in April 2009, serving one of the biggest industrial conglomerates in Egypt, the Sewedy Group of Companies. Since then, CONNEX Corporate Healthcare has expanded to cover nearly 20,000 insureds from 31 different companies, including Energya Steel Fabrication, Wadi El Nil Cement Company, other Sewedy Group Companies, and smaller enterprises, such as Bab Rizk, Media Republic, Flux Retail, Moros Group, and Bright Creations.

In 2009, CONNEX Corporate Healthcare handled over 12,000 local claims, drawing upon a medical network of more than 2,000 facilities throughout Egypt, while procuring 10-55% percent discounts. CONNEX Corporate Healthcare is the only healthcare provider in Egypt with a 24/7 alarm center, enabling us to respond with maximum speed and efficiency. We are also the only corporate healthcare provider to operate three wholly owned hospitals: Spring Hospital in Cairo, El Salam Hospital Hurghada, and Tohfa Hospital in Mansoura.