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Libya – Our Visa Advantage

Client: Major Scandinavian Client

The client company informed us of a patient in Benghazi, Libya suffering from trauma to the liver and bleeding. The patient was in need of immediate transfer from the hospital in Benghazi to a well-equipped hospital in Europe – either via Cairo or directly to Europe. A straightforward case was complicated by the 7-10 week visa process for Europeans into Libya, preventing the assistance company client from arranging a direct transfer. Our unique advantage is that our Egyptian doctors do not require visas for entry into Libya and therefore we were able to respond immediately. An air ambulance with an escort team was dispatched from Cairo to Bengazi and ground transportation for the patient and accompanying medical team was arranged. The air ambulance transported the patient to Cairo, where the patient was admitted to a suitable hospital in Cairo before being transported on a normal repatriation flight to Europe, escorted by a doctor. While in Cairo, CONNEX Assistance arranged for his insurance coverage. Airport assistance was provided during the entire process, including immigration procedures, flight arrangements and arrangement of ground transportation. Ambulances were dispatched to the entrances of the planes at both airports. CONNEX also arranged for the doctor to be met upon arrival and for his transportation and accommodation.