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Why Work For CONNEX ?

As the lead assistance company in the Middle East and North Africa, CONNEX Assistance Middle East offers many rewarding and challenging career paths. Our commitment as an employer is to see you achieve your full potential, as you work to help others and even save lives.

We look for individuals who can operate in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. Our highly motivated employees have strong communication, language, and team work skills, thrive on challenges and are able to react quickly, efficiently and with precision to unexpected situations.

We offer a variety of job opportunities, including medical care and technical assistance, financing, and accounting. Our employees often deal with a diverse variety of tasks, gaining valuable experience in many fields.

Company Values

CONNEX operates based on our philosophy of commitment to our clients. We approach any case with the belief that every problem has a solution, no matter how complicated or dire the situation. Motivated by a love for helping others, we find the solution through teamwork, creativity, and dedication, providing prompt, quality services that fulfill our commitment to our clients every time.

Communication is key to everything we do, from keeping clients constantly informed, to contacting their customers, to planning and organizing among our teams of representatives.