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UAE Office

Operating since 2007, CONNEX Assistance’s strategically placed branch office in Dubai provides assistance services in a one of the busiest international business hubs in the region and a prime tourism destination. The UAE has become the logical place to do business in the Middle East, due to modern infrastructure and financial advantages, and is located in the heart of one of the wealthiest, business friendly regions of the world. Tourists flock to this modern, desert paradise to experience the world-class hotels, beaches, shopping, fine dining, traditional souks, and desert scenery. Located between Asia and Europe, the airports of this small Gulf nation have become some of the world’s busiest international travel centers. The importance of Dubai as a business, tourism, and travel hub made opening a branch office in Dubai, in addition to a satellite office in Abu Dhabi, a logical choice. Our presence in the UAE also gives us access to the nearby countries of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman.

HQ & Satellite Offices Locations

In addition to the main UAE office in Dubai, CONNEX Assistance Middle East also maintains a satellite office in Abu Dhabi.