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Technical Assistance

When a traveler’s car breaks down on a desert highway, when luggage containing valuable items is lost by an airline, CONNEX Assistance’s expert staff is ready at our 24/7 alarm centers to respond quickly and effectively. CONNEX Assistance representatives work in tight-knit teams, employing their coordination, language, and communication skills and ability to innovate to deal with any situation, no matter how complex. CONNEX Assistance draws upon a network of dependable partner companies to provide the best possible services at minimum cost.

CONNEX Assistance provides road side assistance in rural and urban areas, including towing services, transportation for the motorist and, if necessary, repatriation or replacement of the vehicle, with a focus on cost-efficiency. In all cases, we can provide advance cash payments, if need be.

CONNEX Assistance technical services are provided not only in Egypt and the UAE where our offices are located, but also extend to the neighboring countries covered by our regional offices.

Our team has a proven track record of thinking on their feet and resolving complex technical challenges with speed and efficiency, including an incident in which CONNEX Assistance representatives had to organize the transportation of 23 patients, their relatives, and medical teams from two Cairo hospitals to the airport to be repatriated. Quickly devising a transportation scheme, the CONNEX Assistance team transported the patients and escorts from the two hospitals to one hospital to be treated. Separate transportation was then organized for each individual in ambulances and cars along with the medical teams to the Cairo airport to be repatriated. We received praise for the efficiency and successful conclusion of the operation from the impressed patients, their families, and the client.

CONNEX Assistance also provides survey and data collection services for companies looking to do business in North Africa and the Middle East. Our analysis of the market, conducted by experts in their field, allows businesses to make essential decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.

Technical Services

- Road side assistance - rural and urban areas
- Vehicle repatriation and replacement
- Towing
- Surveys and data collection
- Tracking lost luggage
- Cash advanced payments