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Medical Assistance

CONNEX Assistance Middle East provides a vast range of medical assistance in Egypt, the UAE and Africa, and boasts a track record of speed, efficiency, and reliability that has successfully concluded countless medical cases for our clients, from a simple doctor’s visit to dealing with mass accidents.

Based on our philosophy of commitment to our clients, we commit ourselves to seeing the case through from beginning to end. From the moment we receive the first call, be it for a repatriation flight with a medical escort, or ensuring the successful admission of a patient to a suitable hospitable, to ensuring that medical costs are covered with payment guarantees, CONNEX Assistance is there every step of the way.

CONNEX Assistance draws upon a vast network of medical providers that has expanded to cover the numerous countries, including Egypt, the UAE and Africa, where CONNEX Assistance maintains offices, and extending into neighboring countries including Libya, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and Iraq. When our clients are in dire need, CONNEX Assistance has even extended its operations beyond the regions ordinarily covered, demonstrating unfaltering commitment to our clients. CONNEX Assistance works only with medical providers that offer reliable, cost-efficient services with a high level of professionalism.

In addition to our network of partner medical providers, CONNEX Assistance also lives up to its reputation for reliability by maintaining a staff of 61 medical professionals on call 24/7, 365 days a year. By employing our own fleet of ambulances, doctors stationed at our satellite offices ensure that medical services can be rendered in even the most remote locations. By cutting out the middleman, CONNEX Assistance’s fleet of eight ambulances greatly expedites the transportation of patients to suitable medical facilities or to air transportation for an emergency medevac.

Doctor Visits

CONNEX Assistance offers comprehensive doctor visit services in hotels, on cruise ships, or at home. Our clients can rest assured that we handle every aspect of the visit from arranging the appointment to handling financial compensation. Our services include organizing the doctor’s visit, organizing follow-up, and arranging for a medical report. CONNEX Assistance will then arrange for actual invoice retrieval and will provide a guarantee of payment or a cash advance payment.

Hospitalization cases

In more severe cases, CONNEX Assistance provides comprehensive assistance for hospitalization of the patient. With our strong and longstanding relationships with various hospitals in the region, we allow the patients to focus on what is important – their health – and leave the rest up to us. We provide hassle free hospital stays and maximize the quality and quantity of medical attention by providing comprehensive, step-by-step assistance while keeping in constant contact with our clients.

We provide ground transportation to the hospital with a medical escort. Once CONNEX Assistance has successfully seen the patient admitted, we keep our clients informed with regular daily medical reports based on our monitoring of the treatment. CONNEX Assistance also provides additional services to maximize the efficiency of treatment by providing second opinions and medical advice from CONNEX Assistance doctors. CONNEX Assistance will then retrieve the invoice and, with our usual focus on cost-containment, will provide a guarantee of payment or a cash advance payment.

Repatriation (Air Ambulance & Stretcher Flights)

Like all our services, our Medevac services are comprehensive, prompt, and effective. CONNEX Assistance is with the patient every step of the way, while we keep our clients up to date with medical reports. We handle repatriation of patients of from outlying areas to cities with appropriate medical facilities, or from hospitals back to their home country. We even have the necessary resources for search and rescue operations, if need be. Through our partner companies, we provide air ambulances as well as stretchers aboard commercial flights with a doctor escorting the patient until the final destination. We hire aircrafts from Egypt and nearby countries or use cheap empty leg offers, which are available at all times.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to adapt to any unforeseen circumstances. We have handled a number of mass repatriation cases including one in 2003 where 63 people were repatriated, another in 2004 where 23 people were repatriated and another in 2005 where 26 people were evacuated, and again in 2007 and 2008 where groups of 35 and 22 persons we’re repatriated respectively.

The services we provide include: local and international air ambulance transportation, stretcher flights, local search and rescue operations, charter flight ticketing, helicopter transport, medical reports, local and international air medical escort, neonatal transportation, visa assistance, arrival and departure airport assistance.