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Cost containment

Cost containment is central to all of CONNEX Assistance’s operations while delivering prompt, reliable, quality assistance. We are able to do so owing to both our large volume of cases and longstanding working relationships with our partner companies, allowing us to negotiate prices. Thanks to package prices we are able to offer discounted prices for common services, such as for charter flights, and common medical cases. These factors, in addition to our own operational efficiency, result in substantial savings for our clients.

Privilege contracts with most major and essential hospitals in tourists and non-tourist areas and price negotiations with hospitals greatly reduce health coverage costs for our clients. Furthermore, our selective hiring of medical professionals means we work with only those of the highest of professionalism, while avoiding cheaper options that do not produce satisfactory results. We select professional medical providers operating in touristic areas according to international standards of hygiene and medical practices. These doctors, mostly in the private sector, provide services according to a fixed price list and private practitioners provide discounts. Our yearly visits enable us to evaluate their capabilities and facilities and obtain their price list.

Medical providers in touristic areas sometimes exist for the sole purpose of profiting off tourists by overcharging and engaging in other illegal activities. Often the doctors at these “medical centers” do not have the appropriate legal qualifications to provide any medical care beyond basic first aid medical treatment. CONNEX Assistance is aware of these providers and blacklists those from whom we have obtained confirmed fraudulent invoices. We visit these centers to ensure we are aware of their capabilities and facilities in the case that a patient does end up there.

In addition, our careful analysis of all charges results in further savings and prevents common pitfalls that burden insurers with excess cost. A dedicated staff of doctors and non-medical professionals routinely checks all incoming invoices, monitors patients to prevent overtreatment, and investigates all possible incidents of fraudulent invoices and cases. CONNEX Assistance strives to identify fraudulent invoices as and when they occur and highlights them to ensure that these costs are not paid by the client. Unfortunately, fraudulent invoices are a regular occurrence in some hospitals in the region.