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About The Company

CONNEX Assistance Middle East was founded in 1999 by a group of medical professionals looking to provide quality medical assistance in Egypt. Thanks to a reputation for prompt responses and successful resolutions, we have since expanded to include an additional branch office in the UAE and an extensive network of medical professionals and logistical assistance providers in 13 different countries in the Middle East and North Africa including: Egypt, UAE, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and Iraq.

The extensive range of services provided by CONNEX Assistance Middle East includes medical, technical, funeral, and legal assistance, in addition to cost containment. Our staff comprises 61 doctors and 68 non-medical professionals, speaking over 8 languages, including English, Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Japanese, and Russian. Their mission is to guarantee responsive, cost-effective, international standards of assistance for insurance and assistance companies worldwide.

Quality and Speed of Service

We realize that the confidence our growing clientele has placed in us is based on our ability to provide quality, speedy services with a high level of professionalism. While liaising with over 100 offices to ensure the safety and convenience of travelers, we also guarantee maximum efficiency, speed and reliability through our own staff of medical professionals, ambulances, and 24/7 alarm centers staffed by multilingual employees with extensive experience in their field.

90% of travel insurance claims in Egypt are handled by CONNEX Assistance Middle East, a testament to our medical, technical and repatriation services being second to none.